Missionary Convention

Missionary Convention
  • Speaker: Kelsie Finlay (Wycliffe)
  • Speaker: Alan Cousins (Sat-7 Middle East Media)
Don't miss the final weeknight meeting of our 2022 Missionary Convention in our Church Halls at 7:45pm this evening. Our speakers will be from the ministries of Wycliffe Bible Translators and Sat-7.

Wycliffe.png1 in 5 people alive today are still waiting to get the Bible in their language. Bible translation is one of the most significant parts of world mission today. Wycliffe’s vision is that everyone will have access to God’s word in the language that speaks to them best. Kelsie Finlay will share with us about how they are working towards this goal in over seventy countries around the world.

Sat-7_Logo-sq.jpgAlan Cousins will inform us about the work of Sat-7, whose mission is to provide churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, and informative television services. They enable high-quality locally produced digital media, and support this in the UK through giving, prayer and through influencing.