Evening Service

Evening Service
  • Those in YELLOW Group (Surnames Q-W) have first preference this Sunday evening, and must book their seat (below) between Monday 14th and Saturday 19th.
  • EVERYONE ELSE can book their seat, space permitting, between Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th. Alternatively, watch online on our YouTube Channel.
  • Speaker: Pastor Andrew Roycroft

Meet with us for our Sunday evening service at 6:00pm, either in-person or online, as Pastor Andrew Roycroft teaches us from Luke's Gospel regarding "Repentance And Its Fruits". We've reached Luke 3:1-22 in Part 9 of "Gospel Certainty", our series in Luke's Gospel.

BOOK YOUR SEAT: Please fill in the form below, and be sure to include the names of any additional people aged 13 or over accompanying you. Email address is only required for the first person in your party. Be sure to follow all the way through and click CONFIRM at the end. Thank you!