Age 4 to Primary 7

Campaigners Logo

Campaigners are a uniformed, evangelical and interdenominational youth organisation. It seeks by means of various activities to develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour, and emphasises the need for Christian witness and example in all aspects of life. The Campaigner motto is ‘UNTO HIM’. Campaigners are taught to apply this motto in every part of their lives.

How many Campaigners are there?

There are approximately 40 Campaigner Centres throughout Northern Ireland. There are between 150 and 160 young people in Portadown Baptist Campaigners with approximately 35 leaders.

What do you do in Campaigners?

Obviously activities vary according to the age group, but each clan (Campaigners are divided into eight groups called clans) will have:

  • Inspection
  • Roll call
  • Games – i.e. football, volleyball, unihoc
  • Various badge schemes
  • Outings
  • Some of the senior clans operate The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • During the year some of our Campaigners also compete against other Centres in regional football, athletics, singing, Bible recitation competitions
  • Clan ‘C’ is the most important part of the evening in which a 5 – 10 minute Bible talk is given by one of the leaders or occasionally a guest speaker

Boy Junos visit Portadown Fire Station

When and where?

Campaigners meet in the Portadown Baptist Church Hall in Tavanagh Avenue.

  • Eagles (Boys & Girls) – Monday 6:30 – 7:30pm – Age 4 – 6
  • Girl Junos – Monday 7:00 – 8:00pm – P3 – P6
  • Boy Junos – Thursday 6:45 – 8:00pm – P3 – P7

Campaigners run from mid-September through to April, and there are also older clans available for those in Primary 7 and above.

For further details on any aspect of Campaigners, see the Campaigners website, speak to Timothy Kerr, or contact us.