You can find all videos from our fellowship on our YouTube Channel, including easy playlists of Live Sunday Services, Missionary Convention 2020, Sunday Services from Lockdown 2020, and much more. Below are a selection of some of our favourite videos and also some recent ones…

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Evening Service, 25th October 2020

Morning Service, 25th October 2020

Morning Service, 18th October 2020

Morning Service, 11th October 2020

But You Are – Andrew Scott

Be Still And Know! – Kirk Kirkland and Evidence

Children’s Day 2020 – Morning Service

Children’s Day 2020 – Evening Service

Believing and Sharing the Gospel – Pastor Andrew Roycroft

The Principles and Proof of the Christian Gospel – Andrew Roycroft

I Am The Good Shepherd – Andrew Roycroft

Baptism 10th December 2017

Sam Rotman, Concert Pianist

Inters Weekend

Ulster Aviation Society

Men’s ministry steak night

Campaigners Camp

We Celebrate the King

Young Adults BBQ

‘Hope of the broken world’

Christmas Celebration

Baptismal Service